Višegrad shows its charm from the bridge on the Drina

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We would love to bring you the story and history of the historical town Višegrad.

Višegrad is one of the oldest settlements in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is situated in the far east of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the banks of the river Drina and the river Rzava. It is famous for its old bridge, built in 1571.  With its numerous cultural, historical and natural attractions, Visegrad has always stood for an interesting tourist destination. The Dobrun monastery, 12 kilometers far from the center of the town, is one of the most interesting tourist localities in Višegrad.


The bridge on the Drina is a heritage of the great vizier Mehmed paša Sokolović (in Turkish Sokollu Mehmet Paşa, 1505. or 1506-1579). He is one of the great Ottoman war generals who originated from Bosnia. He was born in the village of Sokolovići near Rudo in 1505. or 1506, and was a child of Orthodox parents.

At that time there was a tradition and custom known as Devširma, or „The contribution in blood”. Orthodox Serbian children would be taken away to Turkey where they would be converted to Islam and taught in their military schools to become Janissaries, the elite soldiers of the Turkish Empire. Bajica Sokolović was one such child, taken from the surroundings of Višegrad at a young age and given the name Mehmed.
The bridge is deservedly on the UNESCO World Heritage list. It used to connect the route from Bosnia to Constantinople (Carigrad – Istanbul) and today it is a place visited by many tourists, passengers, artists, admirers of history and architecture. The bridge is among the most significant national monuments in Bosnia and Herzegovina and a beautiful sight to behold.


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