Hidden in the far northwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina lays the town of Velika Kladuša. (Keep in mind that Velika in Bosnian means big, is the city big? Are the people big?) This city is located almost on the border with Croatia.

The name itself the locals told me was given to the city back in 1280, the name Cladosa. A fact that I found quiet odd was that by the 13th century Velika Kladuša was controlled by two different Hungarian Kings. Two kings governing or controlling one city? Got me to thinking how important Bosnia and Herzegovina actually was. How it has gone through so much to be where it is today.

When I visited Velika Kladuša it wasn’t as huge as I assumed, but it had a beautiful castle on the hill top of the city and that was the place I spent most of my time, imagining how the city was years and years ago. How things had changed and how the city had evolved….

velika kladusa

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