The river of Vrbas, is probably a river you’ve never heard before, but trust me it is a beauty! The Vrbas is a hidden jewel in Bosnia- just waiting to be explored.

The Vrbas is a long river that stretches to the length of 235 kilometers in the western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The banks of this river are located in the beautiful city of Banja Luka. It is a right tributary of the river Sava. The Vrbas river appears at the southern slope of the Vranica mountain near the town of Gornji Vakuf, at around 1,530 meters above sea level. Another cool fact is that the word, Vrbas, in Bosnian is a hollow tree.

vrbas-river-7 Vrbas

If you are on your way to visit this great river, make sure to make a detour and visit the city of Donji Vakuf, it is home to a little village called Semesnica. It offers a beautiful get away and it is located right by the river Vrbas.

The Vrbas River is also a great place to go rafting. In 2005, the Vrbas River was home to the 2005 European Whitewater Rafting Championship. The canyon of Vrbas is great for hiking, walking, camping and even fishing.