Once upon a time…

There was a beautiful fortress, and inside of it, the palace was built for kings. Later on buildings spread around and that’s when fortress became a town. It wasn’t just a town, it was the capital town of Independent Kingdom of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
So many wars have happened, but none of them could destroy a beauty like that.
So many people have tried and tried, but failed.
It is still there, and it is going to be further on. In its beauty everyone falls in love.

Fell in love with it already?     Yeaaaah, so have I.

The beauty of its fortress is not the main thing.
Among all the other things, I’m going to name just two of them. It was the hardest decision.

Lake Pliva. Just stop and look at it. J
I can already see myself swimming there, looking at the beautiful nature, and enjoying the sun.
Aaa, what a peaceful place.

And last, but the main thing is, waterfall.
It is the only town in Europe that has waterfall in the very own center.
Yeah, you heard it right. Right in the center.