Oh the great Neretva. Neretva is trully one of my favorite rivers, when I think about it I don ’t know  where to start. I believe the one thing that blows everyone away is the color of this beautiful river- it offers a unique turquoise blue-green color.

The Neretva is the largest river of the eastern part of the Adriatic basin. It is home to four HE power-plants and enormous dams (in order to provide the citizens with flood protection, power and water shortage and water shortage).

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The Neretva flows through Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia and is the largest karst river in the Dinaric Alps in the eastern part of the Adriatic basin/watershed. The total length for this river is around 230 kilometers. The Neretva flows two countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

The Neretva is home to many fish! Mostly Trout! But Oh my! The trout is soooo delicious, especially if you have dinner in Herzegovina at a restaurant that serves fresh trout-yum! I’m already sooo hungry.

The Neretva is a very cold river although it is an amazing site for rafting during the summer. I’ve done it a few times and trust me, I still haven’t had enough! The river Neretva runs through Herzegovina, and it is located under the beautiful old bridge in Mostar. If you get a chance the river Neretva must be on your bucket list!