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Stanišići Etno Village was founded in 2003, as the result of the inspiration of its owner, Boris Stanisic. He had travelled the villages of central Bosnia for more than several years, in search of old houses and objects that would keep alive the image of the way of life at the turn of the twentieth century. The search ended in an authentic mountain village in the middle of the Semberian plain The village consists of two parts. One of them shows the secular life and it consists of wooden houses – cottages – with household objects that were used within them for centuries.

The second part of Stanišići Etno Village is of religious character, with medieval stone architecture. It is made up of a number of replicas of important historical and religious buildings.

The area features ponds, mills, traditional restaurants and a brook, the Etno Village Stanišići is made up of old original buildings transported to this place from all over Bosnia.The Stanišići Etno Village is located on the edge of the city of Bijeljina in the plains of Semberija in the Republika Srpska.

Traditional Bosnian specialities and international cuisine are served by waiters dressed in ancient costumes in the restaurants of the Stanišići Etno Village.

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An on-site museum offers an impression of what life was like in Bosnia more over a hundred years ago. Children can have fun on the playground or enjoy train rides around the lake. The Stanišići Etno Village is a village of some 20 authentic wooden houses, including a milk house, a smithy, an “ambar” (a wooden structure for storing grain), old houses and a large guesthouse, all of them brought there from villages of Vares Municipality and villages of Mount Zvijezda and Mount Romanija.

Here one rests his eyes and soul, he becomes kinder, while the babbling of the brook and the sound of the watermill make him wiser.

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