PERUĆICA: one of the last rainforests in Europe.

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Jungle, or literally the old forest, is called the the forest on wich man didn’t had influence, forests that have developed since its inception completely in natural way. Although,throughout history,  we have estroyed many, today these natural jewels are placed under strict protection, and one of the last examples is in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the National Park Sutjeska – named Perućica: One of the last surviving primeval forest in Europe.

Sutjeska National Park is the largest and oldest national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina and it was founded in 1962. Besides Perućica, it is the Maglič, the highest mountain peak in the country, 2,386 meters high.

According to scientists at the University of Yale, Perućica offers a unique study on the role of forest in the global carbon cycle, considering that she is one of the last virgin forest in a modern Europe, which makes it a perfect natural laboratory.

Because of its beauty and richness, in 1952 rainforest was declared strictly protected part of the nature that is exclusively used for scientific and educational purposes, and in 1954 is placed under state protection as a natural reserve.

Perućica is a true natural treasure, one of the last preserved in Europe. As the forest is very dense, in some areas is even impassable, and protected, and visits are allowed only by prior arrangement and a guide from the National Park Sutjeska.

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