National park UNA


National Park Una is one of three national parks in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As National park was declared on 29 May 2008. The park encompasses the area of the canyon part of the river Una upstream from Lohovo, the canyon of the lower Unac river from its mouth upstream to the Una and the area between the two rivers.

National Park “Una” spreads from the valley of the river Una and Unac river valley, right tributary of the Una, to the river Krka on the west . This area is a unique natural complex in this part of Europe, is very valuable for the maintenance of overall landscape and biological diversity , especially due to:

  • position on the border of three climate areas
  • karst formations and hydrography, who together with basin Korana and Krka unique in European terms
  • landforms that have created one of the few natural pathways to the Adriatic Sea
  • mosaic of habitats, the great diversity of plant and animal species, and the presence of rare and endemic species

This area is also in the cultural and historical sense, an area that is rich legacy of archaeological sites and historical monuments, and the special position of the space on the transit route to the sea led him in the past under the influence of many cultures, from where come the rich archaeological sites, the remains of medieval fortresses and sacral objects of different religions and cultures. Special connection between the river Una (lat. Una = one first) and the local population is one of the significant features valuable for the preservation and protection of the space.

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