Mostar is pure love.

Mostar is located in the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina, more precisely, located in the center of Herzegovina. The metropolitan area (Mostar and its surroundings) are geographically described as a node of northern, western and eastern Herzegovina. Through the center of the city extends the canyon of the Neretva River.

Middle Ages

The new period resulting fall of the Roman Empire and the coming of Slavs. During the early Middle Ages the area of ​​Mostar belonged to the province of Zahumlje (Hum).

The foundation of the city of Mostar is related to the construction of two towers / fortresses, mid XV. century, probably at the time of Herceg Stjepan. The fort on the right bank of the  River Neretva was named Tara, and on the left is Halebija. Herceguša tower was built right next to the Tower of Tara. It was used for defensive purposes, but also for keeping the former suspended bridge. It was built during the Duke Stephen, after whom it was named. And the first written mention of Mostar is connected with the two towers.

Name ,,Mostar” first appeared in Turkish census from 1468th to 1469th, and that it refers to the village around the two towers on  Neretva it is clear from a document of the meeting of Council of the Republic of Dubrovnik 1474 years.

During the war 1992nd to 1995th Mostar was the scene of the conflict and it is difficult to not get hurt. Destroyed everything what was built for decades, even centuries. Initially, the city was shelled by Serbian forces.  Serbs held most of the hills around Mostar and Eastern part of the city. In June 1992, Mostar and the Neretva valley are exempt from the joint action of the HVO and HV Lipanjske dawn.

In early May 1993 in Mostar begins Bosniak-Croatian conflict. Bosniacs, who until then had been in the HVO together with the Croats, pointing their guns in their comrades, but under duress Croatian forces retreat in the eastern part of the city . HVO blocked keeps the eastern part of the city that is under the control of the Bosnian Army and shelled it. During one such shelling HVO demolished the old bridge.

The old bridge was reconstructed and completely renovated in 2004, and since July 2005 has again been included on UNESCO’s list of protected cultural monuments of the world…



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