Maiden’s cave

Was considered as a holy place for many cultures from Bronze Age until the middle ages. You really need to go there and see for yourself how beautiful the cave is, and you will understand why for them it was a holy place.

But, that’s not the reason why I chose this to be my topic.
There is a story that was told from generation to generation, and now I’m going to tell you. J

A long time ago, there was a group of people, sitting in front of the cave, and talking.
The cave was considered to have ghosts, so it was a courage just to sit in front of it.
As the evening came by, that’s how the dare came in talk. „Who has the courage to go inside the cave, get a bucket of water, and come out”?
No one answered at first, but then they heard a voice from distance. It was a pretty girl in a long white dress.
„ I will do it“- she said.
And, she came inside.
She got to the well, got a bucket of water and wanted to go outside.
But, here dress was stuck, she really got scared because of the stories, her heart broke and she died.
After a while, they started calling her, hoping that she will answer, but she did not.
No one dared to go inside, especially after this.
They found her in the morning, lying on the floor, and the bucket with water beside her.
So they buried her in the cave, wooden board on top, with no name, because no one knew her.
Next day when they came inside again, they saw her grave, but it wasn’t wooden anymore, it was stone.
Everyone believed it was stone, because her heart now is like stone.

Do you believe it?

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