Ok guys, while we are mentioning so many beautiful cities, it definitely wouldn’t be fair if we wouldn’t mention this city.
Earliest traces of life in that area were from 2000 b.n.e.
Biggest prehistoric bastions are “Velika Gradina” “Mala Gradina” and “Kasalov Gradac”

It has a great vibe to it tho. J

Moving on further, you will have to agree with me after the pictures, that the city itself is pretty amazing.
They have bastions from bronze and Iron Age.
Illyrians lived there for a long time, as you can see in some points in the city.
But, Romans concurred Illyrians, and they held the place for good 456years.

In the 19th century, series of capital buildings were built, so nowadays they give city Livno really characteristic look.


But, that is not only thing that is interesting about this city.
Take to the side the bastions, buildings, museums and everything, and take a closer look to the nature.


See this?
These are the wild horses that you can see in the fields near Livno.
These beautiful horses are running through the fields every day, and it is really stunning to see.
We are still not done with this city. J

Let’s make sure that nature lovers really like this city, and we assure you that you will.
Largest artificial lake in Bosnia and Herzegovina is actually in Livno.
It is called “Buško jezero.”


And it is really beautiful, right? Its surface is 55, 8 square kilometers.
It has really nice beach, and lovely view.
Now, let’s put on some finishing touches on this blog. J
The one thing that you need to do when you come to Livno is their cheese.
They are known by it, and it is actually called “Livanjski sir” (sir-cheese)

Locals always say that if you didn’t try their cheese, you haven’t been in their city.
So, after all this sightseeing and walking, come to the store and by some local cheese for dinner. J

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