Maglić, the highest and the great peak.

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Let’s talk about mountains.

Maglić is the highest if not the highest mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and one of the most beautiful mountains of Montenegro. One part of the massif of the nebula is located on the side of Bosnia and Herzegovina, while the other part of the territory is in  Montenegro. The highest point of Maglić has two peaks, Bosnian Maglić (2386 m) on the top side of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegros Maglić (2388 m) on the side of Montenegro, which is 2 meters above the top of the bosnian side. Unofficially, the honor of the highest peak of the mountain Maglić belongs to bosnian part of the mountain Bosnian Maglić (2386 m). The part of the mountain that is located in Montenegro is decorated with incredible beauty of Trnovačko Lake, one of the most beautiful in Montenegro.

Maglić massif is located about 20 km southwest of town Foča  close to the border with Montenegro. On the Montenegro’s side, the nearest place to Maglić is city Mratinje. The mountain is in the north and west and it is limited by Sutjeska River, in the southwest is mountain Volujak, in the east the river Drina and Piva and in the south Mratinjski bay.

Base and slopes are rich with water, but not plateau. There is a source of Dragos Sedlu (directly below the road) – near the monument of Nurija Pozderrac (war hero from World War II). There are sources in Rujevac that dry up in late summer. The most abundant is the source of the Emperor’s Dol that never dries up.

There are no permanent settlements on the mountain. Before the war, during the summer, many livestock producers are coming with their flocks of sheep to the plateau, but now (after the war)maybe there is no sheeps.


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