Bijeljina is one of those small cities with soul.
In the city there is a belfry with clock high over 30 meters, a symbol of the monastery of St. Basil of Ostrog, which was finished in 2001.

In the city you have Roman Catholic Church, 5 mosques, and couple of buildings for praying for other religions.

In the city you have Roman Catholic Church, 5 mosques, and couple of buildings for praying for other religions.

It’s a real multicultural little city with a lot of soul in it.

But, when you finish that sightseeing, and crave for a little nature and quiet, then visit the Ethno Village called “Stanišići” and you will not regret it.

This particular mountain village is getting us back in time, to our ancestors. It was founded in 2003, by a guy called Stanišić. He traveled through the Bosnia to find authentic pieces that would be in this village.

There are two parts of the village.
One has wooden houses with every little piece in the house as it was centuries before. In front, houses are connected with stone tracks, and in the center of the village there are two lakes as is the space for presentation of old national skills, water mill, monastery of Holly Father Nikole. Next you have the stone bridge that is the same as the “goat’s bridge” that connects that part with the second one.

On the lake there is amphitheater that can take up to 380 people, and it is for cultural events under the

If that is not enough for you, beside all that beautiful things inside, you have a modern hotel that you can stay in, souvenir shop, coffee shops and so on.

At the end, to make your staying perfect, you have the drive with the carriage threw this beautiful village.
I’ve been there myself and I was breathless. I suggest to all of you to visit this beautiful place.


When you read about Bosnia, you get the fact that there is a lot of history in it.
Let’s get some education, but not the boring kind. J

Old village-town Počitelj:

In 14th century, year 1326, this place was built, and people live here even today, although there is just a few families left in the village.
One of them says that the family “ Dizdari “ was in charge of the village, and that the place was glowing, but nowadays there is just a small number of people, and it is all just shutting down.
He says that he traveled the world because of work, but he never wanted to move out of here, because this place has his soul. J

It was held by a lot of occupiers, and when you see the picture, you’ll understand why.
Although it is hard to get there, because you have to walk a lot, you have the amazing view of Herzegovina.

And, when you reach the top of the fortress, you will feel the history too.


Was built by Romans but they found traces of prehistorical and Illyrian age. It was first a forth, but with time it developed in real jewel of BiH. Most beautiful part of it is the mysterious tekke, and spring of river Buna.

See why?
Yeah, I said woooow as well, and I have been there before. It is fascinating.
As far as the tekke, I need to tell you one legend about its name.
They say that tekke Blagaj got its name by the treasure that Herceg Stjepan Vukčić had buried in the caves. In Bosnian, word for treasure is “blago.”


I really don’t think that I have to say anything about this waterfall.
The picture is going to be enough to wake your imagination up, pack your things, and visit these beautiful places.