Once a proud feature of Sarajevo’s 1984 Winter Olympic games, the bobsleigh track has since fallen into ruin after being the victim of military actions.

The Bob Sleigh track was one of the most important things that we have in Bosnia. It is a site that is definitely worth checking out.

The 1300-meter concrete track was completed in 1982 and featured a total of 13 turns for the lugers to navigate. The expensive public work paid off for the country after the events around the site during the Olympics garnered enormous crowds. The track was able to be reused during World Cup competitions in later years following the winter games and it appeared that the long track would continue to pay dividends. Unfortunately when the Yugoslav Wars began in 1991, the track, like the rest of the country, became embroiled in the fighting. The curled turns were used as defensive positions for Bosnian forces, and the whole of the track became pocked with bullet holes and other wounds.

bobsled track sarajevo

Even though it has been destroyed because of the previous war, it is an attraction that is on my top 5 things to do in Sarajevo. The Bob Sleigh track is located on Mount Trebević, from Trebević you get a beautiful view of the whole city. Mount Trebević was also a very important front line during the war for the Bosnians.

The track today stands as one of the most favorite spots for local graffiti artists who have decorated the Bob Sleigh tracks.

Do not wander around this area alone or without a local who knows it perfectly – there are still many unexploded mines littering the hillside. Never go off the established paths. Rather book your tour with Sarajevo tours ASAP!

When you think of the city of Mostar, you immediately think about the old bridge, jumps from that sam bridge and the beautiful river of Neretva. Although many people do not know about Rujište.

Most of you have probably never heard about Rujište, I hadn’t heard about it before either. Rujište is a beautiful mountain located near Mostar (yeah Herzegovina has its ski resort as well!) Rujište is a beautiful ski resort in the municipality of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is actually located on the mountain of Prenj. It has an altitude of 1,703 metres (5,587 ft).

Rujište is in between the mountains of Prenj and Velež. It is situated 1050 meters above sea level. And believe it or not it is said that it has the most oxygen on this part of the world.

The prices on Rujište are really affordable and it’s literally a hidden gem in Herzegovina. My first time visiting Rujište was actually with my boyfriend. When we started driving down south I thought they were taking us to Mostar, I mean where else?  But trust me this place is worth visiting. Rujište is suited for everyone and any time of the year! You can go up there and ski, sledge or even snowboard! I tried out the snowboarding because, well I had never tried it before. I was amazed by the adrenaline that it provided with me. I can’t wait to go snowboarding again, definitely better than skiing at least for me!


Are you heading out to Herzegovina? Mostar? Or just down south? Well Rujište is the place to be!

Travnik is a city full of history. It is situated in the valley of the Lašva River and borded on the north with the mountain Vlašić and to the south Mount Vilencia. Travnik first appeared in 1244. Although remains from these centuries do not show the wealth the valley had known in Roman times, the era did have its share of castles and mansions. The Travnik Fortress was the most impressive fortress at the time, and still stands out as the best preserved of them all. This era gave Travnik its name.



The Ottoman era renewed the glory of Travnik. It was the principal city and military centre of the Ottoman Empire. It was from here that the Ottomans planed their invasions further towards the southwest. They brought mosques, religious schools, roads and water systems. They fortified the medieval fortress and built a mini-city within its high stone walls. For over 150 years, the vizier – the Ottoman Sultan’s representative in Bosnia – had his headquarters in this town, attracting both consulates and trade. Travelers visiting Travnik in this era were impressed by the town and called it the European Istanbul and the most oriental town in Bosnia.


Once you enter Travnik, you definitely won’t know where to turn your head and look. One of the things that I loved the most in Travnik was the colorful mosque, or the ornamented mosque. It dates all the way back to the second half of the 16th century.

Travnik will definitely take you back in time and therefore it is a must visit on your next trip to Bosnia!

Bosnia is a country that definitely offers something for everyone. With having said this, winter is the best time of year- everything is covered with beautiful snow and it’s definitely worth checking out. Its winter and you don’t know what do to? Don’t know where to spend your winter holidays? Bosnia it is! Skiing on the Olympic Mountains, is truly amazing way to spend your winter.

If you are alone or in a group, if you are just beginner or expert mode, with family or friends, we have great set of activities to make this skiing trip to Bosnia truly memorable experience.

Bosnia and Herzegovina over the years has been home to around 12 ski resorts over the years unfortunately we don’t count that many at the moment, because many have been destroyed during the last war, due to the fact that they were part of battle fields.

Bjelašnica is home to our highest peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina, located some 30 mins from the capital-Sarajevo. Bjelašnica’s tallest peak, by which the whole mountain group got its name, rises to an elevation of 2067 meters (6782 feet). Other notable peaks are Krvavac (2061 m), Mali Vlahinja (2055 m), and Hranisava (1964 m). On Bjelašnića you can even rent a 4×4 and go crazy on the snow. How great does that sound? Sounds amazing to me.

places to ski

Jahorina, in my opinion numero uno. Jahorina is a mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina, located near Pale in the Dinaric Alps. It borders Mount Trebević, another Olympic mountain. Jahorina’s highest peak, Ogorjelica, has a summit elevation of 1,916 metres (6,286 ft), making it the second-highest of Sarajevo’s mountains, after Bjelašnica. Mount Jahorina hosted the women’s alpine skiing events of the 1984 Winter Olympics.

Vlašić is a mountain in the very center of Bosnia. Its highest peak is Paljenik with an elevation of 1,943. It is famous for its pastures, cattle-breeding and cheese.It is closest to the town of Travnik, which it overlooks.

Bosnia is, as you can see ready for the winter sports! But, just in case you can’t ski don’t worry you can always sledge!

Whichever mountain you pick for your winter holidays it is sure to deliver.