Trebinje – Emerald From The South

The Old Town of Trebinje was established in the 18th century and soon developed into a trading & crafts center named Kastel. As with most of Bosnia, Trebinje is no exception: its old town lines the banks of the Trebisnjica River that flows through the heart of the city. The river and the city have always been known for the enormous old mills treading the Trebisnjica. Although they are not fully functional today, they remain a symbol of Herzegovina’s not-so-distant past when everything was directly connected to the power of nature. In Trebinje, that power of nature was bigger before the river had been curtailed by the Grancarevo dam, some 15 km north-east from Trebinje. This dam was bound to swallow the Arslanagic Bridge. To save this beautiful example of Ottoman stone bridge building, it was taken, stone by stone, from a village seven kilometers up the river, and rebuilt in downtown Trebinje. Klobuk is the large fortress in Trebinje. It is assumed to date from the 9th century and is believed that the Slovenian princes of Krajina – Pavlimir and Tesimir were buried here. Since the 12th century it controlled the Nemanjic region until, in 1377, Klobuk became part of the expanded Bosnian state. 

The Arslanagic Bridge is one of the oldest bridges that date back to the Ottoman influences in this region. They say that the bridge was in a different location for some period in history, so what you see it. it is not the exact old authentic bridge. However, it carries the charm of old times, which otherwise can only be seen in the old town of Trebinje and some of old churches around. After visiting the amazing Monastery of Tvrdoš you should definitely visit its wine cellars. Cellars of the Tvrdoš Monastery still keep old traditional ways of storing and making wine. It has a great variety of local wines which you can taste or even buy. If you’re visiting the town of Trebinje and you’re a wine-lover, than you should definitely visit these excellent cellars.


The Tvrdoš Monastery

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